07 September 2012

Dear Parents,

A warm welcome back to Holy Trinity Pewley Down. I really do hope you have had a happy summer. The children in both schools seem happy, rested and excited about the challenges of the coming year.

The first challenge we face is the next part of the Ofsted inspection at the Infant School. The main inpsection has now been published and is available from our website. We now have the supplementary inspection which is for Voluntary Aided Church Schools, this will take place on Tuesday. It focuses on RE and Assemblies as well as the ethos of the school. The inspector has told us that this time he will be concentrating on the underlying values and the differences they make to the school. Things are not so different; one hundred and fifty years ago the school was regularly inspected by the local rector and was keen to get great results. This term we celebrate our bi-centenary;  the school was founded in 1812 in George Abbot Hospital – the sixth set up by the Church of England.

We will be thinking about the history of the school, as well as the history of God’s People in our assembly series this term. The week beginning October 15th will be a special week of celebration. There will be a programme for that week in our newsletter next week. Please invite any family friends and neighbours especially those with connections to the school.

I do hope you enjoy the lovely weather this weekend is due to bring us.
With best wishes, Richard

Thank you for all the lovely gifts we received at the end of last term.

Events Happening Soon
Please check your year group JTLYK for information regarding year group activities.
School Clubs start next week (please click here to download timetable)
Monday 10th September – Year 3 and 6 Buddy Day at the Chantries
Thursday 20th September, 7pm – Year 3-6 Meet the Team followed by HTSC AGM

Road safety
When dropping or picking your children up please let your child use the pavement and not the road to avoid potential accidents. Please avoid the school gates area, particularly the zigzags, especially in the morning when Addisi0on Road is extremely busy. Please do not obstruct traffic or park dangerously (on a bend). Please do not let your children get out of the car near “roadside” as when cars are whizzing by, your child is very vulnerable in the middle of the road. There are often a few bays available a bit further down the road or on Pewley Way where it is safer for your children to alight and where the road will not be blocked for other users. Finally, please do not drop your child in the staff car park and then reverse back up the road – it’s very busy and we need to consider the unaccompanied, mostly sensible children that are crossing the driveway and keeping it safe for them. We care about our children at Holy Trinity Pewley Down and their safety is important to us. We thank you and very much appreciate your effort to ensure road safety at HTPD.

We have a child with a low immune system. Please do not send your child into school if they have chicken pox/shingles; measles etc or tonsillitis; sore throats; tummy bugs; vomiting; diarrhoea etc or fever and other illnesses including bad chest / respiratory infections. Please make sure that they are clear of all symptoms for 24 hours before they return to school. Please email or telephone in the morning to advise of absences. Thank you.

Lunch at HTPD
This is to let you know that we have had to raise the cost of our lunches minimally to £2.20 from the 1st September. I hope you will agree that even at this price they are very nutritious and well worth the 10p increase.

Payments to the Office
Please would you assist the Office by ensuring that you write your child’s name and class on the back of a cheques sent into School together with what it’s for (lunch, swimming, trip name, etc)

Please note that for this week only, there will be no Board Games on Tuesday, 11th September.

Football Club
Both clubs are extremely popular and well attended. It would be really helpful for Henry and Nick if we have any parents, mums or dads or older siblings who enjoy their football and would be able to come along and help. Please contact Henry or Nick directly if you are interested, thanks.

There will be an additional art club after half term on Wednesday after school run by Alison.

Boys Choir
We are looking to re-introduce the boys choir and Judy is currently organising which day it will be on, so watch this space.


Welcome back, we have a busy term ahead, please see below for upcoming events for this term.  

We are still looking for class reps in all years, thanks to everyone who has volunteered already. We are also still in need of a Chair or 2x Co Chairs.   Please feel free to email/speak to Caroline Swift ( if you are considering any of these roles - happy to answer any questions - and there is loads of info available in the HTSC files to help!

New class lists will be distributed in the next few days along with class rep details, please check your details are correct.

Dates for the diary
HTSC Meeting -Tuesday  18th September, 8pm in the staff room
HTSC AGM - Thursday 20th September, 8pm in the hall 
Bingo Night - Saturday 6th October - School hall details to follow  
Years 3 & 4 Cake Sale - Friday 12th October
Years 5 & 6 Cake Sale - Friday 19th October
Bonfire Night - Friday 9th November
Xmas Fair - Friday 23rd November

Phil the Bag – date tbc
Please keep all your old clothes and shoes as we will be collecting them again, bags will be sent home with your children beforehand however normal bin bags can also be used.

Gill in the kitchen is collecting (clean) milk bottle tops for equipment for disabled. If you would like to send them to her, there will be a box in the Office at HT where you children can leave them.

Menu - Week 1

After yesterday’s trip to the Chantries, one of the Countryside Wardens has found a jumper on the Campsite.
If anyone is missing a grey GAP hoodie with a pink heart on the front it is now at the office address below for collection. The office is open 8am-5pm and Fridays 8am-4:30pm.
Alison Boyce
Guildford Borough Council
Stoke Park Nursery
Nightingale Road
Surrey GU1 1ER
Telephone: 01483 444715 Fax: 01483 444716