HT Bonfire Night

21 October 2013

Fluffy Friday

18 October 2013

Cycling Fluffy

Bird watching adventure.

Year 6/7 Guildford County School Public Speaking Competition

16 October 2013

Not everyone can stand up and capture the attention of a hall full of 150 adults and children! HTPD’s Year 6 Public Speaking Team did just that at Guildford County School’s Year 6/7 Public Speaking Competition. All three gave a commanding performance on the subject of Table Manners, and they were proud to walk away with an award for Best Vote of Thanks. We also caught up with last year’s Holy Trinity Chairperson who went on to be winning speaker at this year’s GCS House Public Speaking Competition. Congratulations to all!

Operation Christmas Child Assembly

15 October 2013

Mike told us a story about Mungo the bear who went on adventure to another country in a special box, and is now loved by an African boy called Aboo. Mike asked us if we could collect toys and useful things like toothbrushes for children who have nothing in other countries. We will all have a leaflet to take home and hopefully we will make a special Christmas box for a friend abroad.

HTSC Christmas Pudding Label Competition & Orders

13 October 2013

Please remind your children to get their entries in for the pudding label competition by Wednesday 16th October. Download a template.

To get the early bird discount all pudding orders need to be in by Wednesday 16th October. Click here for an Order Form.

Fun in Year One

10 October 2013

We have been learning all about ourselves, our families and our friends this term. We have been learning about our senses at Wisley, exploring sculptures around Guildford, learning about our bodies from a visiting parent and finding out about babies and toddlers during a baby visit. We also made healthy a healthy and yummy sandwich which we really enjoyed. Our next exciting treat will be next week when Year R come to visit us for a 'Welcome to Pewley' party. We can't wait!

Reception building dens at the wild place

06 October 2013

Reception had great fun exploring and making dens at the Wild Place.

Year 6 at the Crown Court Service

04 October 2013

On Friday Year 6 were invited to attend the annual service for the Judiciary at Holy Trinity Church. Morgan, Freddy and Natasha read prayers with superb clarity, asking God to protect our leaders and give them wisdom. We then enjoyed watching the procession of our High Sheriff, judges, Police Chiefs and MP down to the Guildhall accompanied by a trumpet fanfare.

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