Ballet Boyz at Pewley

22 May 2015

Adam & Bradley from Ballet Boyz who performed at G live this week visited PD to show us some dance and do a Q & A about boys being dancers - what a good job it is, how fit, strong and flexible they have to be and how much fun it is!

Some of our boys and girls who do ballet with Kate are shown with Adam & Bradley.

Books from FOPS

19 May 2015

The children at Pewley were thrilled in assembly on Monday morning to receive a huge new pile of reading books. These have been bought for the school with a kind and generous donation from FOPS and with further money from parents that was raised through a 'Book Drive'. The books have been labelled inside with the name of the family that donated them. Look out for the special stickers when you read with your child. A huge thank you to our generous parents and to FOPS from all of us at Pewley.

Trip to Aguilar de Campoo, Spain

19 May 2015

A summary video of the visit can be viewed here.

In assembly Helen is applauded for speaking Spanish, the children perform Swing Low Sweet Chariot and Richard interviews Henry & Tom. Then off to Palencia for the day....

Clockwise - our group waiting in the ancient seats, Hattie & Seb make a speech to the Mayor and children translated by Javier, steep path to the castle and on top of the church tower.

Meeting the Mayor

Our Year 6 students have been teaching Reception and finding out about the region of Castilla y Leon.


Recycle Man - Oak Class

16 May 2015

Oak class rose to Recycle Man's challenge this week to make something useful or interesting out of cans or tins. They produced pencil and plant pots, butterflies, rockets, a cat, walking stilts and the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz to name a few.

Next week's challenge is for Willow class to make something using milk bottles and lids.

What a great plastic bottle challenge Recycle Man gave Beech Class this week! The children made jewellery, watering cans, a trowel, mini terrarium, a butterfly and bug, rockets and submarines, boosters and control cuffs. Well done to everyone! Look out for the Oak Class challenge next week, recycling cans.

Year 6 SATS

11 May 2015

Good luck Year 6's for your SATS! Grateful thanks to our friends at Sainsbury's, Guildford who donated the bananas to us!

Election 2015

07 May 2015

Our Election took place on Thursday and the winners were The Green Party led by Michael (6A).

Below are the pictures of the children voting, marking off polling cards, checking the seals on the boxes were intact and counting the votes. The voting took place across both sites.

The other candidates were as follows:

Freya (6M) - Liberal
Abi (6M) - Conservative
Eliza (6SR) - Labour

We are incredibly proud of all of the candidates and their teams, and the children who helped to make sure the election itself ran so smoothly.

Pewley School Council

05 May 2015

Reception have joined the School Council for the summer term and we've got a new Walnut class rep too. Our first task is to find out what our classes think about the school so that their ideas can go into the School Development Plan.

Wild Place

28 April 2015

Hana Simpson (mum to Liam in Year 2) along with colleagues from Skipton Building Society very kindly made a start to restoring the Wild Place to its former glory on Saturday. Hana is organising a volunteer day and bbq at the Wild Place on 30 May to continue the amazing work.

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