Science Club at Pewley

24 May 2014

The Pewley scientists are enjoying finding out something new each week at Science Club. This week they investigated light travelling in straight lines, reflecting in mirrors and making shadows. Last week they experimented with magnets, working out which materials are magnetic and enjoying feeling the force of attraction and repulsion!

After half term they'll be making circuits and hunting for minibeasts. Which topic will be their favourite?

Life After SATS

22 May 2014

This week Year 6 have been learning about the Victorians by choosing their own area of interest and using it to explore the Victorian era.  We have had weapons from the Crimean War, medicine bottles, advances in surgery, debtors’ prisons, fashion, Victorian interior design, hot air balloons, typewriters, a croquet pitch, Royal Family Albums, and much much more.  You can see all our work at the Great Exhibition held in the Forum in the afternoon of the 21st July…


Year 5 having fun at Brenscomble Farm

15 May 2014



Infant Eco Team Pond Dipping

11 May 2014

The Eco team had a good time investigating what they could find in the pond. They were amazed to discover 100s of wriggling tadpoles,  newts, water snails and even two dragonfly nymphs.

Reading Mentors

11 May 2014

Reading at Pewley is even more popular than ever with the arrival of some new reading mentors on Friday afternoons. Some children have been visiting younger year groups to share stories with the younger children. It has been a real treat and all the children involved in reading, or being read to, have had a super time.

Year 5 News from the Week

09 May 2014

The Tower of Hanoi

Hanoi5.jpgIn Maths we have been learning how to identify sequences and patterns in number. We worked in groups to solve the problem of the Tower of Hanoi. By moving the discs we were able to find a pattern; each extra disc doubled the previous number of moves plus one. Using this information we were able to identify a simple ‘rule’ to accurately predict the next number in a given sequence. Some of us have even begun to find a formula that will predict the number of moves for any given number!  

Castle Word Problems

This week we have been working on strategies to solve word problems using the 4 operations. Today we used our problem solving skills to solve different word problems that were displayed in the Nature Garden. We had to look for different types of castles to find the problems for our group; Motte and Bailey, Stone Keep or Concentric Castles.

Geology Rocks

We have been investigating the durability and permeability of different types of rock as part of our topic on eroding coastlines. First we identified different types of rock as chalk, sandstone, limestone, slate, marble and granite. Then we tested each sample by scratching the surface for durability and by using a pipette to see if the sample absorbed water or not. After testing the samples we discussed our findings in our group to see if they matched our hypothesis.


Year 3 World War II Day

03 May 2014


Reception Hunting for Mini Beasts

01 May 2014

Hazel and Willow class have been hunting for mini beasts in the school garden and Wild place.

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