Teaching Staff

Clare Brunet


Clare loves finding out about new things; from her time as a research scientist to being a parent and then a teacher, she has always enjoyed lifelong learning. With the privilege of leading HTPD, she is delighted to belong to such a vibrant and exciting learning community. The school's values are a constant inspiration to her, as they embody the good news of God's love for all people and truly help all of us to ‘Learn to Live'.

Helen Pronger

Deputy Head 

Helen is based at the junior school but leads assessment across both schools in her role as Deputy Head. Ever since university, Helen has enjoyed back-packing her way around the world and brings her experience of developing International links to HTPD.

Debbie Chadwick

Deputy Head & Senco 

Debbie looks after special needs of all sorts at HTPD and coordinates our provision of support throughout the school. She works at both sites in her role as Deputy Head and enjoys working with children from reception to year six. Debbie is the longest serving teacher having joined the staff in 1992 and has had the privilege of teaching more than one generation of some of the families in our community!

Frances Clixby

PPA teacher 

Frances loves teaching young children and is delighted to be teaching each class at Pewley at some point each week. She has a tendency to invent a song for everything, from lining up, to remembering book bags and water bottles! Frances enjoys running, walking her dog, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Claire Cruddas

Reception Teacher 

Claire teaches in Year R having previously taught in Year 1 and Year 3 at the Juniors. Claire is the lead for EYFS Design and technology leader and heads up Fluffy Days.

Catherine Finniear

Reception Teacher 

Catherine has moved to Reception after previously being a Year 5 teacher. She is also HTPD's RE leader. Catherine loves being outdoors - anything 'eco' is her thing! She's currently studying for her Master's degree, but has plenty of time to spent at National Trust properties with her husband, Sam.

Hayley Esselen

Year 1 Teacher 

Hayley is based in Year 1.

Georgie Furlonger

Year 1 Teacher 

Before Georgie’s training to become a teacher she worked in settings for children and adults with autism and other special needs. She enjoys getting involved in anything to do with science and testing theories! Georgie loves being outdoors for long walks, picnics and gardening. You'll also often find her in the cinema or hunting for a good music gig.

Sarah Mackenzie

Year 2 Teacher 

Sarah loves young children and is our eco-warrior. She is responsible for the infant eco team and her team work very hard to help take care of the school environment. Sarah is Science co-ordinator at the infants. She loves teaching and she also trains and mentors our students at Pewley. Sarah likes yoga, hiking, gardening and socialising with friends.

Lilja Helgadottir

Year 2 Teacher 

Lilja joins us in Year 2 and is deputy DSL. She leads English across the school and loves reading. In her spare time, Lilja enjoys sport and any opportunity to be outdoors as well as playing the clarinet and being surrounded by music.

Sheena Preston

Year 3 Teacher 

Sheena has taught in years R, 1 and 2 and has now moved to Year 3. Sheena lived in Texas for 6 years. In her spare time she likes to walk her dog and watch cookery shows. Sheena is a deputy DSL.

Alison Tester

Year 3 Teacher 

Alison Tester is one of our longest serving staff members, having previously taught in Years 1 and 2 at our Infants site. Alison is the curriculum lead for Science across both sites, and organises the Eco Team with the help of the children. Alison has a love of the outdoors and can often be seen walking her dog, Bertie, on Pewley Downs.

Clare Giles

Year 3 Teacher 

Clare spent eight years working in London in the fashion industry before finally realising her dream to train to become a primary teacher. She has travelled the world extensively and loves being creative, cooking, long walks in the Surrey countryside and being in her garden.

Julia Grocott

Year 3 Teacher 

Julia teaches in Year 3 on a Friday.

Nick Walker

Year 4 Teacher 

Nick is a Year 4 teacher who has been at HTPD for 7 years. He is Head of Sport and Head of House. He loves getting involved in all aspects of school life can normally be found outside with his class or one of HTPD's many sports teams.

Abigail Allen

Year 4 Teacher 

Abigail moved from Bristol where she particularly enjoyed working with younger children. She worked in Year 2, but has now moved to Year 4. She spends her weekends swimming, dancing, cooking, cake decorating, sewing and strolling in the Surrey countryside. Abigail is the Nightingale house leader and is looking forward to the house competitions.

Emily Russell

Year 4 Teacher 

Emily is passionate about teaching and moves from the infants to the juniors this year. She loves running, football and likes going to gigs in London.

Toby Strutt

Year 5 Teacher 

Toby is one of the Year 5 teachers having taught in Year 3 for a couple of years. He spends his spare time out on his mountain bike, playing the drums or planning my next trip to the mountains or the beach.

JJ Blackstock

Year 5 Teacher 

JJ has specialised in Science at university and particularly likes teaching science through investigation and hands on experience. She is passionate about sport and has been involved in organising and coaching sport after school for some time.

Sue Miller

Year 5 Teacher 

Having taught in South Africa for many years. Sue moves to Year 5 from Year 3. She enjoys walking in the Surrey countryside, reading and spending time relaxing with her family and two Jack Russell dogs.

Laura Hanley

Year 6 Teacher 

Laura has moved to the Year 6 team after three years in Year 5. Having specialised in Art at university, Laura particularly loves teaching this subject and she gets to spend lots of time doing so during Art PPA with Years 3-6. She enjoys being creative and reading a good book, especially during story time at school.

Sarah Jackson

Year 6 Teacher 

Save moves from Year 4 to Year 6 this year.

Tom Everard

Year 6 Teacher 

Tom is now enjoying his fourth year at HTPD, teaching Year 6. He is head of Nightingale house and leads maths and assessment across the school. Tom is a deputy DSL. When not in his classroom, he is usually hitting the trails on his mountain bike.

Mary Booth

Year 6 Teacher 

Mary is our very own Sporty Spice and it’s not uncommon to find her on our astro turf pitch coaching children in her ‘free’ time! Actually, she is something of an expert hockey coach, having worked with Under 21 teams at national level. When we can persuade her to come inside, she enjoys keeping our figures in shape! Mary is Mandela leader.

Gillian Trumble


Gillian has worked at both schools and at present teaches music, dance and drama across the year groups at Holy Trinity. She also teaches Maths and English in Years 3 and 4 and enjoys accompanying the Year 4's on their trips to Spectrum for swimming lessons.

Tracey Jerrome

Special Needs Teacher 

Tracey heads up the Junior Year 3 and 4 special needs team and works with individuals and small groups of children with a variety of literacy skills.

Geraldine Tame


Geraldine is our wonderful librarian who is a wealth of information about all things literary and so much more! Her enthusiasm spills over to us all. She goes beyond the realms of librarian offering us some great opportunies and clubs.

Becca Judson

Music Teacher 

After teaching in London and Bristol, Becca moved to Guildford in 2018 and began working at HTPD. She is a passionate musician who particularly enjoys singing (Gospel and Jazz) and has enjoyed sharing her love for music in PPA classes.

Lucy Nooshin

Drama PPA