Support Staff

Julie Batt

Site Manager

Julie is one of our longest serving members of staff. She is Site Manager of both the Infant and Junior school and is based at the Junior school. Julie also runs breakfast club at the Junior school.

Bev Reed

Admin Manager

Bev works on both of our sites and oversees Finance, Personnel, ICT, the School Offices and other administrative functions. Hours: Mon to Thurs - 8.30am to 5pm.

Ruth Busby

Admin at Pewley

You can find Ruth smiling at you from the office. She has uncanny knack of knowing every child and all of their needs and problems! Ruth offers a warm welcom to all as you step into Pewley.

Jane Bennett

Admin at Pewley

Jane is our Admissions Secretary and is also Clerk to the Holy Trinity Pewley Down Governing Body. Work days: Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Donna Milsum

SEN Admin - Junior

Donna works with Debbie in SEN on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Nidhi Mehra Kumar

Admin HT Site

You will see lovely Nidhi at HT Reception Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Natalia Cadman

Admin Team at HT

Natalia is enjoying her bigger role at HT. She works Monday - Thursday each week.

Flora Bevan

Finance Officer

Flora works with Bev and the Admin Team in the Finance Department. She manages ParentPay among her other responsibilities.

Maria Gould

Office Administrator

Maria supports the Holy Trinity School office on a Wednesday and Friday

Lucy Cray

Home School Link Worker

Lucy is our Home School Link Worker our DDSL (deputy safeguarding lead) and young carers champion. She is available to provide support for children, parents and carers. Together with Bridgit she co-runs parent groups and coffee mornings. She is a link between home and school and can make supporting referrals to outside organisations such as local charities and is an ongoing contact as children move from school to school.

James Peers

Technical Support 

James is our IT Manager and keeps our servers and PC's up and running.

Louise Crow-Arnold


Louise works on a Friday and looks after the website.

Sue Bradley

Reception TA

Sue works in Reception on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Claire Katmeh

Reception TA

Claire works in Reception.

Misha Kethero

Reception TA

Misha works in Reception.

Sam Andrews

PUPs Manager

Stefanie Paradine

Class TA in 3C

Stef works as a TA in Year 3 and teaches cooking to years 3 and 4. She also works at Breakfast Club

Julie Everitt

SEN TA and Clubs+ Support

Julie works 1:1 and is one of the Clubs+ Support staff.

Louise Keiller

HLTA Foreign Languages Teacher

Louise is our languages teacher, with a main focus on French throughout the school and additionally a taster term in German and Spanish in Y6.

Amanda Moon

Maths Teaching Assistant

Amanda is a Specialist Maths TA. She works to support and enrich the maths teaching in Years 5 and 6.

Bridgit Beynon

Home School Link Worker

Bridgit is available to provide support for children, parents and carers. She also works as an SEN TA in Year 3.

Alice Gough

TA in Year 3

Carolyn Ganski

Class TA in Year 3

Lucy Dolling

Year 1 TA / Sports Admin

Lucy is a TA in Beech Class. With the support of Laura and Nick at the Juniors, she is also involved in PE at Pewley, arranging inter and intra school sports competitions and festivals, whilst teaching PE to Year 1. Lucy can often be found dancing away at Breakfast Club every morning - and running on the Downs in the evening

Liane Alderton

Class TA in Walnut class

Andy Kerr

Sports TA & Reception TA

"Active Andy"! Andy's one of the Sporty TA's at Pewley and delivers the Change4Life programme at both sites. He's also involved in playing with and helping the children set up games at break and lunch

Laura Sutton

Sports Co-Ordinator at HT

Laura's the enthusiastic Sports Co-Ordinator at Holy Trinity and works closely with Nick and other sports teachers arranging and co-ordinating matches and events with other schools.

Paul Horsfield

Woodcraft Leader

Paul moved to Guildford after working as a Outdoor Education tutor in Scotland for many years. He now looks forward to supporting PE lessons with the use of some additional physical training and a holistic view of sport health and well-being. Working in smaller groups Paul is able to focus more on the needs of the individual.

Julie Williams

Classroom TA

Julie works in Oak Class as a TA on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday and in Walnut Class on Friday.

Sheila Price

Class TA in 4N

Linda Britain

Music Assistant and EAL at HT

Linda enjoys sharing her passion for music in Years 3 & 4, and runs some of the school music clubs. She also works with Years 3-6, helping our children who speak English as an additional language. In school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Ozzie Roustaiyan

Year 1 TA

TA working in Year1 (Oak Class), Monday to Wednesday

Kendra Jones

Maths Teaching Assistant

Maths TA Year 5 and 6

Emma Hinkins

Year 1 TA

Works as a TA (Oak Class) on Wednesday and Friday.

Parul Patel

Classroom TA

Class TA in Reception

Marketa Chester

TA in Year 4

Susie Ireland

SEN TA in Year 5

Lore McSween

1:1 TA in Year 3

Kate Oliver

Year 6 TA

Martina Hayter

SEN TA in Year 4

Chloe Hibbs

Year 5&6 Interventions

Emily Langenegger

Year 4 TA and ELSA

Saptadipa Banerjee

Year 2 TA

Claire Furlonger Camp

1:1 TA

Year 5 on Monday

Carla Berry

Kirsty Terracotta

Lucy Babbage

Specialist PE TA

Robyn Bentley

TA in Year 3

Eva Press

1:1 TA in Year 4

Mel Baskin

1:1 TA Year 4

Rebecca Faulkner

TA in years 5 & 6

Cat Allen

TA in Year 5