We are happy to be part of a new eTwinning project with Colegio San Gregorio. This year's project is called 'Stay Healthy' and is focused on the Sustainable Development Goal 3 of 'Good Health and Well-being'. Year 6 'eTwinners' are working on different tasks along with their partners in Year 5 at Colegio San Gregorio. As well as meeting virtually during this year, we are able to collaborate and share our project work and communicate via Twinspace on the eTwinning platform. 
Year 6 eTwinning club proudly show that we are officially an eTwinning school for 20/21!
We are really pleased to have been awarded the eTwinning School Label for the second time for 20-21 which recognises our commitment to international partnerships and in particular the involvement some of our teachers and children have in eTwinning projects and workshops with different schools across Europe.

Previous eTwinning project achievements


We were awarded the an eTwinning Quality Label that recognises the achievements of the Climate Change project that we ran between Year 6 and Colegio San Gregorio last year.

2019 eTwinning label 'Cultural Heritage is important for me, for you, for us' for our project in Year 6 last year with Colegio San Gregorio in Spain.


We have finished our 2 year Erasmus+ funded project, but have started two eTwinning projects for this academic year, one on climate change in Year 6 and one on the sustaainability goals in Year 5. You can see the schools we are working with on the certifcates below. eTwinning offers a platform for teachers to communicate, collaborate, share and develop projects with other schools in Europe.

Each year we have the opportunity for families from Year 6 to host a child from Colegio San Gregorio in Spain and for a small group of pupils in Year 6 to make a reciprocal visit there, where the children will stay with families and attend school for a week.

We have received two European Quality Labels for our previous eTwinning projects over the last two years and have also recently received the Full International School Award.






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