Eco Schools at Pewley Down (Infant) 

The Eco Team were happy to see some of the bulbs they planted starting to flower.

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The Eco Team were very pleased to discover lots of tadpoles, newts and dragonfly nymphs in the school pond.

The Eco Team met lots of tiger worms in the new wormery today. They gave the worms a meal of a tasty slightly rotten banana skin. We hope the worms will begin to make compost which we can all use for our school garden.

The Eco team have been really busy clearing old leaves, bits of grass and large sticks from the pond so that it is ready for spring. We are looking forward to pond dipping again!

The eco team had a tough job digging over the old soil and cutting through tree roots. Once this was done they planted some narcissus bulbs and some large plants with orange flowers. Well done Eco team!
Eco Team 2016/17

The Eco Team had a fantastic surprise when they checked what was in the pond today. They found lots of tadpoles, newts, water shrimps and pond snails.

The Eco Team had a good time Spring Cleaning lots of the outdoor areas.

The Eco Team have been busy planting daffodils. We hope they will soon be very bright yellow flowers. We made signs to remind everyone that there are plants growing in the flower beds.

We have a new Pewley Eco Team for 2015. We had our first meeting and we had a chat about all the great ways that we can help to look after our school. Look out next week for photos of our first project!

Everyone at Pewley took part in the 'Golden Boot' competition which encourages children to come to school by a 'green mode ' of travel. All the children did really well and we had 2 joint winners! Over the last 4 Fridays 81% of the children in Walnut and Beech Class came to school either on a scooter, walking, car share, or by bus. Each child in Walnut and Beech Class was given a special badge to keep. Well done to everyone for taking part so well.

The Eco team discovered that there are lots of dragonfly nymphs, tadpoles, newts and water snails in our school pond.

The Eco Team thought that The Eco House needed some fresh paint! Everyone worked hard to paint the furniture and some new pictures on the outside of the house.

The Eco Team have been busy planting spring bulbs.

The Eco Team spotted that the bulbs in the playground were starting to grow. They made signs to remind people not to stand on the flower beds. Hopefully in several weeks time we will have some daffodils and crocuses flowering!

We have a brand new Eco team at Pewley and at our first meeting we made a list of the things we wanted to do through the year. We decided that first of all it would be good to have a big tidy up around the pond area and do some pond dipping to see which creatures are living there.


The Eco Team have been doing a brilliant busy job of sweeping out the Eco house and getting the garden ready for us to plant bulbs.

The Eco team have been very busy planting some spring bulbs. (October 2012)



The eco team for 2012 - 2013 are looking forward to taking part in lots more eco projects.



We are all working hard to make our school more green and sustainable. In November 2010 we were very pleased to be awarded with the Green flag award.
These are some of the things we have done:

  • The eco team met to share everyone’s ideas for how we can improve our school. Ideas for recycling, energy saving, saving water, healthy living were all shared. We wrote an Action Plan for our school using the pupils’ ideas.

  • The eco team have made posters and signs to remind everyone to turn off lights, turn off taps, recycle, close doors, and set up scrap paper drawers. The signs were laminated and can be seen all around school and they remind us of good ways to look after our school.  We have monitors to help us to remember!
  • We have our own wormery and we enjoy giving the worms our fruit peelings and watching the worms eat our fruit waste.
  • We held a competition to write an eco code for our school.  There were so many fantastic entries and we have our eco code on our website.
  • We organized a book swap to raise awareness of recycling and enjoyed exchanging our old books for some new ones.
  • We designed and made a Bug hotel in the school grounds.  We collected materials (sticks, dead wood, dry leaves and moss) from the Wild place and used old wooden pallets for the floors.
  • We converted an old playhouse and made it into an eco playhouse.
  • We took part in ‘Guildford in Bloom’ and we were awarded a prize for our school grounds.
  • We took part in the ‘big tree plant’ and we planted lots of small trees around the school grounds.
  • We have an energy monitor in the office are which monitors the amount of energy the school uses.

The Eco team has children from year 1 and year 2. We are planning a mini beast hunt and a pond dipping challenge for September.

The eco team investigated what pond life they could find in the pond and which mini beasts are living in the bug hotel. We discovered lots of tadpoles with back legs , pond skaters and water snails. We hunted for a newt but couldn't find one this time! Lots of woodlice seem to like our bug hotel. At our next meeting we decided that we would make posters for the school to remind everyone to switch off lights and save energy.

Bug Hotel

We used logs, stones and moss to make a new bug hotel for mini beasts. We made large signs to tell everyone about the creatures in the bug hotel.



The eco team had a busy afternoon making a bug hotel  near the eco house which we are hoping will be a comfortable place for minibeasts. The team had great fun making the bug hotel and then they settled all sorts of creatures into the hotel's leafy soil and log piles. Thank you very much to the families who contributed the logs for this project.

Earth Day 2012

This week the eco team met to talk about 'Earth Day 2012' which is on Sunday April 22nd. We thought together about ways in which we can help to  look after our planet Earth. The eco team's ideas were that it is good to recycle our paper and plastic, we try to remember to turn off the lights when we leave a room and turn off the taps after we have used the water. We thought about how we can continue to look after our school garden and do our best to encourage lots of creatures to live in our school grounds.


We then enjoyed planting potatoes in the eco house vegetable garden and we decided that our next project would be to build a big log and stone home for insects.


Pond Dipping

The eco team have been  busy pond dipping in the lovely newly restored pond. We found lots of leeches, water louse and pond snails. We will  monitor the number and type of creatures over the weeks as we think more will arrive soon.


We are so pleased that the pond is ready for pond dipping again! Thank you to FOPS and to Dave who has worked so hard to make it look so superb.




February 2012

The eco team had a very busy time spring cleaning the eco house and planting some bulbs in the garden.

Green Flag Award - November 2010

The eco team talked so well to Jane from Eco Schools. They told her all about the Outdoor Learning we all enjoy, the eco playhouse, our wild place learning, the recycling we do and golden bin competitions we take part in, the wormery, the golden boot scheme, the bug hotel we made and our school energy meter!

She loved it all and so now we have the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. To celebrate we wore green!

September 2011

The eco team have been busy bug collecting and repainting the eco play house. We have plans to monitor the use of energy in the school and to make more layers for our bug hotel so we can attract stag beetles and many other creatures to our school grounds.

We had a really good search for minibeasts during our eco team meeting and we collected lots. In the wormery as well as discovering so many worms and slugs we also found 2 young stag beetles! On the hedge there were some lady birds and a jumping spider. We used magnifying glasses to inspect the creatures and as lots of the eco team had brought information books about mini beasts we had a good look at these too. We are glad that there are so many small creatures living in our school grounds. We are planning to make another layer of our 'bug hotel ' near the pond which we hope will attract even more mini beasts.

The eco team had a good time painting the eco playhouse and planting some spring bulbs.



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